alligator guided hunts

The Gator Hunt Experience of a Lifetime!

Embark on a once in a lifetime gator hunt experience, with Copeland Outdoors.

Out of all the animals we chase in Florida with out a doubt our favorite hunt is the public land gator hunt. The season runs August 15 through October 31st. The public land hunt is based of a lottery system, each successful applicant gets awarded 2 tags given in a specific area based off population density.


There are 2 ways we can take you on a alligator hunt.

Option #1:

You apply and get your own tags for the designated areas you would like to hunt. You call us and let us know you were drawn and for where. We do all the prior scouting before the hunt to ensure we are successful. The day of the hunt you just meet us at the boat ramp with your tags and your guest and what ever food and drink you need for the day and we provide the rest. Our boat, our gear, our knowledge your tags.

Please call us before you apply for tags so we can assure you are applying for areas where we have the best shot at being successful. Not all tags are equal some are just flat out not worth applying for. If you are interested in being added to our email list please email me at

Option #2:

We take you on our tags. This is on a first come first served basis. Just show up with your guest, food, and drinks and we provide everything else !!

***Clients are responsible for the processing of the alligators. Depending on where your hunt is we can drop off your alligator at the processor – taxidermist for you.

Ready to book your epic Gator Hunt?